Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ඔබට ලියු වචන

මම ලියන දේ කියවා
ඒ වචන
ඔබට ලියු ඒවා යයි
ඔබට හිතේවි
එහෙම හිතන එක
එහෙම හිතන්න
හේතු ගොඩක් ඇති ඔයාට
එත් මම ලියන වචන
මට ලියන ඒවා මිස
අන් කිසිවෙකුට ලියන ඒවා නොවේ
ඒ නිසා
නැති තේරුම් ඒ කවි වලට දී
සැබෑ තේරුම
නැතිකරන්න එපා

Monday, July 28, 2014


Here's a warning
I should wear
Around my neck
So people are
And they can't

I will seem all bubbly first
I'll be happy
To see you
To meet you
To talk with you
I will reply to texts
And then, slowly
The reading of message
and replying
Will take longer
and longer
And I will shorten my answers
And those bursts of emotions
of happiness
They will reduce
Until they are
No more

I will cry
Let you know
Once in a while
That my heart aches
and tears flow
For a past I can't relive
Or for one who was
Once a big part
Of my life
And I will tell you
'Oh these silly mood swings
They come, but they go
Don't worry
Passing phase'
And then
or all at once
(depends on how unfortunate you are)
Those bad days will drag on
And they will stop being mood swings
Bad days
For they are my normal days
My voice, shaking
Hands trembling
Heart seeking
But your love
But you

I will tell you to leave
To leave me alone
'I'm not worth your time
Just go
Save your self
Before its too late'
And I will cry a tear for you
In your presence
I will let my voice tremble
And I will tell you
One final time
That I love you
But that
I can't give you that love
Or accept your love
And you will go
Never looking back
(hopefully) crying
And then
When you are gone
I will write poems for you
Hope you read my words
And realize that when I said
 I meant, stay
I love you
 I meant, I need you
You don't deserve me
 I meant, I wish I could be enough
I'm bad news
 I meant, I'm trying. But failing

This is not for the
present you
But those that belong in the

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


She found numbers
and believed
there were good numbers
and bad ones
the thirteens
and other odds
besides the safer

So she noticed that
there were at first five
an odd number
and not a good one
the table had room for six
but they nearly always
bought plates in fours
although she couldn't remember
a day when they all sat
around the table
for dinner
And the car had room
for five, or even six,
but that would be a slightly tight fit
and yet,
there was never a day
when they all sat
in that little red car

Now there were four
a safer number
there were always enough
plates of the same design
and dividing food
into equal shares
was much easier
even though
she couldn't remember
ever having to divide treats
into five equal shares
when they were a family of five
and not four
Her mother now bought
items and food
in even numbers
so much more easier
she even bought meat in
two pairs
'four chicken thighs'
she would ask
even though of the four
only three
ate meat
and the other who did
making them a family of
four and not five

Thursday, July 17, 2014

during that time

During the time it takes
for message to be
replied to
reply to be delivered

The skies have changed color
the river has journeyed to ocean
the birds have called it a day
the faint glimmer of stars cover sky

During that time
when actions are regretted
decisions are questioned
risks are taken
minds are made

Hearts have changed
thoughts have shifted
love has come
and love has gone

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Last year

Last year
I was naive
Eager to impress
Eager to have my own
Happily ever after

Last year
I was eager
So eager I was blinded by
Your pretenses
Too eager, I was

This year
I am slightly tired
Tired enough to see the truth
But not tired enough to
Deny it

This year
I have no hopes
About my own
Happily ever after
Like I did with you

This year
I'm happy
I have my own infinity
But I know it will end
I didn't know back then

Last year
I chose touch over feeling
Stupid me
But this year
I chose feeling over touch

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Is love the mere changing of relationship status?

A shout into the void
About your loneliness
A subtle way of saying
I'm available
Make me yours

In a relationship
You tell the world
You show off
You suffocate your friends
With the love
You made your own
To say, I'm not noone's
I belong
to someone

Happiness is mine
You say
Even though
You said yes
To his question
Knowing that
You will be his
And he mayn't be yours only

We are one
We are together
We are the fairytale
That is real
Envy what I have
A man by my side
A contract that binds
Two souls

In an open relationship
I have freedom
I can love many
I was given that option
An option I didn't want
So while he
Has many
I have none but him
But a status that implies
I have more

It's complicated
No longer a shared life
But love that is dying
Lives separating
A deparate attempt
To hold on to
What is already

Tree trunk
Reaches sky as one
Giving it strength to
Stand against winds
But then branches
A contract still binding
But no longer paid heed to

Ugly status
That followed
Ugly words
Ugly actions
Ugly decisions
Ugly lives
Sometimes for the best
Mostly due to
Having no choice
But to sign those papers
To say good bye

Through sickness and health
Smiles and tears
Bright days and dark days
Till death do us part
And death did
Took one from bedside, home, life
To graveyard

මී බෙහෙත්

මී බෙහෙත් දාමු
කුඩුවක් නෙමෙයි
කූරක් ගමු

උන් චීස් කන්නේ නැහැ
බොරු වැඩ ඕව
මහා කරදරයක්
මරල දාමු

පවු සිද්ද වෙයි
ඔය මීයෙක් මැරුවා කියලා?
මීයාත් අහිංසක සතෙක්නෙ
හැපුවම තේරෙයි

ඔයාටත් තේරෙයි
මීබෙහෙත් වල අගේ
වැරදීමකින් ඒ බෙහෙත් ටික
ඔයාගේ ළමය කෑවම