Saturday, January 18, 2014


Her dress is torn
and covered in dust
The scars on her arms
a reminder of the days
so dark, so painful
In her hand
a letter addressed to him
to be delivered
The wind blows against her
she feels her hair
trying to break free from her
Her feet are swollen
pain shoots through her
with every step
She pauses and leans
against the thinnest of trees
it is bare of leaves, branches, fruit
Then the rain falls
the softest of drops
they wash away the pain, the life

The letter drenched
ink bleeding
a letter with letters no more
He finds it there
laying next to her
a body void of life, or love
He kneels down,
sees the faded flowers of her
torn dress
He know then
who she is
who she walked that great distance for
He cries then
a single tear
that's all he can cry for her
Have faith
they told me
But in what
I asked them

they told me
to whom
I asked them