Sunday, September 30, 2012

A day in a few words

early that day
getting ready to go
an entire day ahead

From one bus to another
five girls,
forgetting place and people,
the laughter loud but contained

a city, seldom visited by them,
waiting for a bus,
walking down the wrong road,
finally finding the correct house

Photographs to remember,
memories to treasure
good friends, good food, good times
the moments making time stop by its perfection

nighttime Colombo,
getting lost,
walking around, waiting for a bus,
a sigh of relief as one comes along

getting home late,
laughing at the things done,
pictures taken,
goodbyes said, but only for the moment

A poem for the best friends one can find, the kinda of people who will always make you smile. Loving people is difficult, but friends like these, loved forever, friendships like these, treasures forever

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A ghost and a demon

to the world you have fallen
but to me you are an angel
my soul is still alive
but the world think I'm lost
they think we spread evil
a ghost and a demon
their chants and payers
coated in dark venom
they stare at us with no shame
challenging this bad power
what they dont know is that you and I,
we share a love so deep
trying to rid the world of evil
pure hearts with love and trust
all they do is retard the world
paving the path to destruction
fires spread and houses burn
people die and children cry
as we walk in our bloodied clothes,
we are the shining light


my ship has sailed too far away
for your boat to come rescue me
while I float to a place unknown
you can wave good bye to me
I will live with you memory
while you sink all your thoughts of me
and while I drown in deep regret
you will let go of the life we had
look at the blue on the globe
that where I am, in my ship
look at the green on the globe
that's where you are, safe on land
during a storm, the wind blowing hard
I rock in my ship, scared of death
while the lightening colors the sky
you sleep in a bed, soft and warm
I try not to die of starvation
eating whatever food I can find
Not a day are you hungry
eating meals, fit for a king


the other children called her
a skeleton
her bones so visible
beneath her skin
they laughed because
they said they could
count her ribs
under her shirt
she wore a hat to school
to hide her hairless head
no matter what the
teachers told them
the kids always tried to
take it off
their laughter
bothered her none
crude jokes
brought no tears to her eyes
the silly kids
they didn't know
why she was so weak
and then she was gone
and they were told
why she was so thin
no one could say sorry now
it was just too late

Friday, September 28, 2012

different corners

tears, they fall down her face,
into a wave, the white foam,
joining the sea.
she’s cooking, a dhal curry,
to eat with rice and fried sprats
while she adds the salt,
a tear falls down her cheek,
alone since her children left her.
he comes home late, drunk
tastes the food, she lovingly cooked for him,
throws it in her face,
for it tasted like nothing, no salt, no spices
he’s running, away from his father,
who beats him for no reason at all,
sweat dripping down his face,
tasting salty in mouth,
as he collapsed to the ground

Thursday, September 27, 2012


The graveyard that she visits
His tombstone, she worships
At his grave, she leaves flowers
So close they are still lovers
Death never was a reason to part
His love was still in her heart
How pure the roses so white
She stays there till late in the night
One day he was here, the next not
Like a breeze so cold, on a day so hot
Tears fell but the pain hurt not
Love bloomed from her loss
The days seemed so grey at first
Now no more for pain a thirst
His memory helps her to live
She gives all she can to him
Around his stone not a single weed
The grass well kept, so fresh and green
The flowers are those he loved the most
She felt the presence of his ghost
On a sunny day
She knows he sings with the birds
The soft wind he is
On a dark damp night
He is the streetlight
On a lonely road
He is the first flower that blooms
When winter leaves


it is all because of greed
that we forget what we really need
not being happy with what we have
we crave for more and lose much more
happiness, family, friends and love
we lose along with the white peace-dove
tied by strings to a life not normal
we don't realize our life's so formal
greed would take over and make us forget
how much land we really need
being not happy with what we've got
we'd spend more money on what we need not
losing our health, hopes and dreams
our lives will pass like rushing streams
missing the most valuable things
like the nice song the small bird sings
and the smell of fresh rain drops
and little hidden friendly shops
but when the clock stops ticking
we see the mistakes we've been making
forgetting the most important things
we spent time collecting goods
goods that we cannot take
when we leave this life we fake!

Okay, so this was written four years ago, if am right, for my English class. We had to write a poem on greed that had to rhyme and this is what I came up with.