Monday, February 20, 2017


Why did you cut your hair
They still ask
Although it has been weeks
Or even months
I can't quite remember
But it's been long enough
And yet
They keep asking me
Why did you cut your hair
It -you- looked so much better

And I just smile
Tell them I was sick and tired
Of all those curls
But what I was really sick and tired of was
Not what was on my head
But in the heads of others
That made them assume
It was oh so totally acceptable and understandable
To make the silliest jokes
Say the crudest things
Stare as if I was not even human

And now that my hair is no longer a mess of curls
That make people stare
Call out to me
I'm invisible
I'm a plain Jane
That no one bothers to even look at

And that's exactly why I cut my hair
Even though that's not the reason I give you
When you ask me why I cut my hair

Monday, February 6, 2017


You were standing in the rain
A thousand people around you
A smile on your face
And that's when I knew...

A woman stands next to you
Her bag pushes against your elbow
As she bends down slightly
To hold her umbrella over her child's head

A man rushes past you
Holding up his briefcase
To keep away the rain
From soaking him completely
Although already
He is pretty darn drenched

A child giggles away
Turning in circles
He'll soon be dizzy
His clothes
Cling to his thin body
As he spreads his arms wide
Catches raindrops as they fall from the sky

And there you stand
Looking straight at me
A look in your eyes
One I've never seen before
And that's when I know
You are here to stay