Thursday, May 30, 2013


I don't want a man who drinks
Because I've seen what a drunk man
Could do.
I don't want a friend who is heartless
Because I've seen what a heartless friend
Could do.
I don't want a parent who doesn't care
Because I've seen what a careless parent
Could do.
And I don't want to need anything
Because I've seen what needs
Could do.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


tired eyes can't see
tired hearts can't beat
tired lives can't live
tired minds can't think

tired lips can't sing
tired players can't win
tired boats can't rock
tired lovers can't love

Friday, May 24, 2013


Love with its silence
A quiet existence
It's not in your face,
Your raised eye brows
Or crooked grin

Love with its infinite ways
A suffocating presence
Your smile genuine
As you hold my hand
Praying for my pain to go away

Love with its forgottenness
Once there, now no more
You look away,
As your eyes meet mine
That smile a mere memory
The smile that made everything okay

Love with its discarded life
Thrown away with many a other things
It's in the rare messages
Or gifts or calls
But when we hug
It's the one thing missing

(For all the different loves and different 'you's of my life )


Friday, May 10, 2013

Painter, prisoner, blindman

He looks at the canvas
A dirty white,
Waiting to be covered in
An infinite number of colors
He dips the paintbrush
In a cup of thick paint
A shiny midnight blue it is
He paints the sky
The blue sheet he has never seen
And closes his eyes trying to picture it all
Slight white traces of paint
The clouds he imagines
And golden yellow stars
The midnight blue
Dries as the sun sets
And the darkness outside thrives
Then he rips the canvas apart
For what he just painted,
What he has never seen
A constant reminder of
The past he doesn't know
The shreds of painted cloth
Land heavily on the cold stone floor
Of the prisoner's home
The tiny ray of moonlight
Which creeps through a small invisible crack
Lingers on that midnight blue
If the painter had looked closely
He would have seen
The tomorrow in his painting
But he doesn't
For he sees nothing
Not the stars that shine
The moon that lights the world
Or the sky that protects it

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day

the color of blood
of hatred, anger
of suppression!

the color of communism
of the working class!

May Day came and went
rallies organized
speeches given
dance of the devil danced

the town was painted
green or blue
caps, t shirts, banners, flags
just no red!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Where heaven rests also does hell
The thunder clouds
On a stormy day
The wind howls through the
Shivering trees
Angels hide in their palaces
Of gold, made

But then shining through the clouds
The suns golden rays peak at the world
Drenched in the waters of the sky
The world lies still, scared and tired

And yet, the heavens dry
Whatever remaining evidence of
The great hell's tearful cry
And once again the skies are clear


Some people aren't meant to be understood
I recently realized
While reading through a friend's blog

Others shouldn't be understood
Why ruin the magic?
Their secrets are meant to be as hidden as yours

So why bother with so many questions
When the answers will only lead to
More questions?

Don't try to understand his long hair
Or her pierced tongue
These are mere screens to hide behind

Look beyond the ripples of great waters
And see the treasures that hide beneath
With these come understanding