Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Your love.

You wrote pages and pages
About how much you love me
Lit them on fire
And said
This is what I'll do to your love

You took a wire scrub
Scraped it against a nonstick pan
Again and again
And said
This is what I'll do to your heart

You brought home a plant
Promised to take care of it
Never watered it
Let it die
And said
This is what I'll do to you

You painted a canvas
In a million different colors
Then splashed black paint on it
And said
This is what my love is like

And I
I collected the ashes
Of your love letter
I threw away the wire scrub
Painted the pan
I bought a new plant
Watered it every day
I let the paint dry
Put up the black painting on a wall

And I
I gave you all my love
So you could burn it all
I gave you my heart
So you could break it
I gave you my life
So you could end it if you wanted to
I gave you everything
Knowing I'll get nothing in return

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy endings

‘And they lived happily ever after’
The author wrote
Scribbling ‘The End’
Right after
He then
Collected the sheets of paper
Covered in type-writer letter
Carrying a story of great delusion
Of love and happiness
And he stapled them together
Looked at the manuscript
His first and last novel
Facts twisted and distorted
Until all that remained were
Only the good
And not the truth
And he walked to the kitchen
Of his pol-athu pale
Rolled the paper
Of his story
Placed them neatly in the
Dara lipa
Lit them on fire
Boiled some water
Made some tea
Sipped it and pictured
What his life would be like
If there was a fairytale ending
Like his now burnt
Story did

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wish upon a (dead) star

Words stem from the deepest corners of our hearts and minds
And thus its natural to assume they are coated in truth
Yet, how much of our words are of fictional words
And how many are in fact of the mundane reality that is life?

So when I write about love, please believe me
Those are feelings that only exist in this world online
And no matter how many words I write,
The make-believe will never become reality

And an infinite time you may wish
Upon stars that died a million years ago
But your wildest dreams, the impossible
Will join stars in unreachable abyss

But dream and dream and love with an open heart
Because maybe there is a star that survived
And just one wish will be heard and granted
And the love you wish for will be more than fantasy

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Faceless woman

A faceless woman
Stands behind glass
Clad in sari
In elegant pose
People look
Some stare
Others ignore
Or don't notice
But they breathe in
And they breathe out
Living and living
In their plain clothes
The faceless woman
Her sari glistened
Sequined border and
Deep neckline
But she doesn't see
The beauty of garment
For she's on display
And can't enjoy
But others do
In their ordinary clothes
For a moment envious of the
Sari-clad mannequin

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Paper plane

If there were words to describe just how I feel
I would write them all to you
And you will struggle to read what they are
Because the ink will bleed into each letter
Connecting them like our hearts
And you will know exactly how I feel

But there are no words, no matter how hard I look
No dictionary contains the definition of my emotions
And so I give you a white blank page
A pen that hasn’t dropped a single drop of ink
And you look at paper crumpled
And see no words
So you give it back to me and walk away
Away, away

And I,
I can’t say a word
So all I do is watch you go
And with the white blank paper
I make a paper plane
That flies and flies
Away with my love


There are days of
Frangipani showers
And pigeon orchid
Burning well into the evening
And on such days
When the queen of the night
Blows soft kisses my way
I know
Deep down in my heart that
The rose petal musings
Will be to naught
But that they will
Caress heart to assure me
That even when
Cactus storms
Throw apart this paper-thin world
A wallflower will
Hold hands with a gandapaana
And together
There will be flowered fireworks
Giving life to fireflies
That will set fire to the moon