Monday, April 27, 2015


Her naked breasts looked even smaller
Now that they were not shielded by padded clothing
And they made her feel so insignificant
As she wondered if her stomach reached further than her breasts
She traced a journey of a drop of sweat
That traveled from her neck to between her soft mounds
Kissing the short hairs on her belly
To the dark curls shielding her womanhood
And she remembered how she had felt
As his lips had followed a similar route
Stopping to kiss where her dark skin
Turned an even darker shade of brown
And she realised that although
There were signs of arousal
Nipples standing proud, for instance,
She had felt nothing but a deep distance from reality.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


සමහර දාට
ඇත ඇගේ දෑසේ
  මහා දුකක්
එයට හේතුව
  නොදැන සිටියත්
ඇයට දියයුතය
  සිනහවන්නට හේතුවක්

Student unions

It was a rainy evening
Tired beings headed back home
After a day's work
Of writing, signing, typing, filing, etc.
And they were all warned
About the terrible traffic
Such an inconvenince
Cause by the dreaded, havoc-playing,
Nothing better to do, too much time in their hands,
Unappreciative student unions
And while people complained
Sighed, dozed off only to find that
During their nap
The vehicle hadn't moved an inch
While heads were scratched
Books were read
Tweets tweeted
Photos liked
How many asked what the matter was?
How many realised the weight on the
Students' shoulders?
How many knew about the debt these
Students were drowning in?
How many stopped to read a banner?
How many spoke to the activists?
How many wondered if there was
Reason behind the protest?
Many cursed them
Took photographs
Posted about the traffic situation
Some even called the students
'Ungrateful' 'monkeys'
And yet
While people complained about being
None seemed to be concerned about
How badly the students were
By the system.

Friday, April 24, 2015

කබල් ෆෝන්

ඇයි ඔච්චර
කබල් ෆෝන් එකක්
පාවිච්චි කරන්නේ?
ගන්නකෝ හොඳ
ස්මාර්ට් ෆෝන් එකක්
මා ගාව තියෙන
ෆෝන් එකට
ඔයා කියද්දි
මම කොහොමද කියන්නෙ
කබල් ෆෝන් පාවිච්චි කරන්නේ
ඔයාගේ වට්ස්ඇප්, ෆේස්බුක් මෙසේග් වලින්
ගැලවෙන්න කියලා?