Friday, September 25, 2015


With you
A thousand and one moments
That are now
Nothing but paper
Shredded to
A thousand and one pieces

Of you
A thousand and one memories
That are now
A thousand and one raindrops
That hit me in the face
Pierce my skin
Make me bleed
A thousand and one drops of blood

You are
The thousand and one shards of glass
I walk on
The thousand and one silver stars
I wish upon
The thousand and one nights
I stay awake
The thousand and one days
I spend forgetting you

And you
You are a thousand and one things
To me
And I wish I was that many things
To you
But I know that
In a thousand and one lifetimes
I had one with you
And that's all I'll ever get.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I thought it would be you

But now I feel you slipping

But darling, it’s okay
You can go now
It’s time
I don’t mind

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Everything you ever desired...

What if I told you
Everything you ever dreamed of
And everything you'll ever dream of
All your wants and needs
Are stored in a small box
Waiting to be found by you?
And what if I told you
This box is eternal
And only contains goodness
There is no evil
Lurking in the corners?
What if I told you
The journey to the box
Wouldn't be easy
But it certainly wouldn't kill you

Would you want to set on a journey
To find this wooden box?

Let me describe it to you
It's a deep brown, almost black
Polished well
On it is painted your name
In the most beautiful letters
One melting into the other
And if you listen closely
You'll hear the box
Sing your name
On the sides are your favorite things
Flowers or words
Anything your heart desires
In the colors that define you
And at the bottom
Even though, and especially since, people rarely look at that side
Is the truth of the universe
Every secret it has held

There are conditions however
Just a few
Let me tell them to you
And then
You can decide

The journey isn't easy
But I've already told you
There won't be any dragons or
One eyed monsters
Nothing of that sort
But during this journey
You'll have to face
What you dislike the most
People you hate
Situations you fear
Emotions you run away from
Anything and everything
That brings displeasure to you
Will await you
On this journey
But don't worry
They will never kill you
I can guarantee that
At least for now
No one has ever died

Your dreams and desires shouldn't cause
Harm to anyone else
If they do
And you fight the force of the box
You will get what you desire
Depending on the pain that will be inflicted
On the other
A storm will dance through your life
Thunder and lightning
Heavy rains
But it will all depend on the pain
You inflict on another
You decide if you want a
Or a

Once you start the journey
Once you take the first step
You will be alone
You will have your thoughts
But there will be no one
You can take with you
You'll be alone
And once you begin the journey
You can't turn back
You must go on
With each step forward
The path behind you
Will disappear
There's no going back
You can only go forward

You will not be given this opportunity again. Decide now
I'll give you a few second
Until the sand
Swims to the other side
Of this hourglass
That measures seconds
Rather than hours
You are at your strongest now
You may find it hard to believe
But you will never be as strong
This is why I have come to you
With this offer
Accept or decline
You decide

You will not die during the journey

That is all
So tell me
Have you made up your mind?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stormy seas

There was a storm in her mind
And so she screamed in pain
But the world told her to be quiet
So she swallowed her voice
And the waves crashed against her
Thunder echoed in her world
Salt water flowed from her heart
And lightning struck her mind
And when the wind blew out the flame
That kept her alive
The world mourned her death
Blamed mother nature
Told god to protect her
And pretended it was not them
Who smothered her until
Her body was cold

Thursday, September 10, 2015


It's not an overreaction
It never will be
But overreaction is what
It is often called now
Being female, to me,
Means being on alert all the time
It means always being aware
Of everyone around me 
And so every comment
Every look
Every wink or smile
Sets off alarms in my mind
Suspicion comes naturally
Because you need to suspect
And everyone
Is a suspect

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I'm dying I'm dying I'm dying
Those words will always haunt me
They were her goodbye
To us
To her time on Earth
And even now
I keep going back to that moment
When each minute seemed to stretch
Like elastic
And when
Nothing we did was enough
And she didn't stay
And she couldn't be stopped
So even before
They took her body away
Out of our home
An emptiness had settled in
And that emptiness would
Haunt me
Haunt us, though we never spoke about it,
Just like those words
I'm dying I'm dying I'm dying

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cross stitch

Threaded in cloth
Are crosses of skein
Pastel shades
This way and that
Soaked by them
Are drops of blood
Not too much
Just here and there
Caused by needle
Pushing through skin
The way his poison
Found its way in to her life
And then grew and grew
Turning her blood white
Until finally a bundle of poison
Reminding her of the man she loved
Cried and cried in the cradle
Her father should have made
And for the baby were sewn
Dresses with frills
And cross stitch rabbits
Suns with large eyes
And smiles the baby would never see
Sewn on her mother's face