Thursday, October 30, 2014

ඇයට ලියූ ඒ කවිය

මේසය උඩ තිබුණ
පොත් පත්තර අස්සේ
සැඟවී සිට
අහම්බෙන් වගේ
ඔහු සොයාගත්
ඇයට ලියූ ඒ
කවිය කියවා
මුහුණට මද
එකතු වුනේ
ඇය කොතරම් ඔහුට
ආදරේ කලාදැයි
මතක් කර දුන් ඒ
කියවා දැනුන සතුටටත්
ඒ වගේ ආදරයක්
ඔහුගේම කරගන්න
ඔහු සටන් නොකර
ඇයව නැතිකරගත්තට
දැනුන දුකටය

එහෙත් අතීතයේ කල
වැරදි ගැන
පසුතැවිලි වීමෙන්
පලක් නැතයි සිතා
ඔහු ඒ කවිය
නැවත එය සැඟවී සිටි
පොත් අතරම තබා
ඇයව අමතක කරන්න
වෑයම් කලා


We pretend we didn't
spend the past few
months pretending
to be in love
and we make an
effort to talk
with each other
as we used to
'hi' you say
'hi' I say
'how are you?'
you ask
'okay' I reply
then after a moment's
'and you?' I ask
'good' you say
:) I send
and our conversation
ends there
for though we can
pretend we didn't once
pretend to love each other
we can't pretend to have
never actually loved each other
despite our lies to
each other and

Monday, October 27, 2014

She wasn't pretty

She wasn't pretty
Fair, yes
Thin, yes
Average height, yes
But she wasn't pretty

She had hair that
insisted on clinging to her scalp
like dry straw
dangling at her sides
So she ironed it out
like the creases on her clothes
that belonged to a different era
and failed to impress

Her features were ordinary
nothing special about them
a nose slightly too large
asymmetrical face
So she covered her skin with
cosmetics so many
hoping the mascara or blush
would distract people, hide her flaws

The men saw her flawlessly made-up face
She flirted shamelessly so they wouldn't notice her clothes
And they fell like flies, all in love with her beauty
But soon enough realized she was nothing but ordinary

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Public domain

Public domain
it may be
but Twitter,
my dear
is my escape
my deepest and
most secret thoughts
find themselves
saved as
140 character

Public domain
it may be
but blogs
I maintain
are my journals
Pages filled with
opinions and
but also feelings
and stories
I have to share

Public domain
or private diary
if you read them
you might be hurt
they may contain words
that will stab you
but trust me,
they weren't meant to
If you wander into my
don't expect things to
please you
'musawada weramani sikkapadan samadiyami'
and so the raw truth
you will find

Five weeks

Week one

Your perfume smells
really manly
and I want to ask you
brand and name
so I would know
where to go to
when in need of a whiff
of such delicious fragrance
and you aren't by my side
Those shirts and pants
that fit you perfectly well
not too tight
nor too baggy
hugging your body
to reveal

Week two

like you own me
demanding to know the
what, where, whom, how, why
of my present
when did I agree to
reporting to you
every second?
You don't fit in
with my friends
and I find it hard to make you
understand what's going on
in my head
because I don't know
what words to use
what words you would

Week three

You drain me
I feel exhausted and weak
My phone keeps beeping
I keep ignoring it
You are desperate
confused, angry
You don't give up,
you want to know why
I ended our story
So soon
without making an effort to
work it out

Week four

My phone is silent
no longer
continuously beeping
ringing, vibrating
you have given up
stopped trying
Maybe you've finally realized
I won't change my mind
Erase 'The End'
and continue with our story

Week five

I see you
holding her hand
Blushing slightly
And she looks at you
the way I looked at you
I can't help smiling
even though it breaks my heart
to see you so happy
to see that you have
already moved on


Brick by brick
She built the walls
All around her
Imprisoning herself
In a world where
No one else lived
Her prison had no
Walls or windows
Blocked out the noises
Of the world

She was content
Bathing in the sunshine
Flowers and weeds
Her only mates
She dined on thoughts
Quenched her thirst with song
She had dreams of
Never-ending valleys
Skies covered in stars and rainbows

Then one day
She heard a thud
Followed by another and another
The walls around her shook
Bricks crumbled
Cracks appeared
And finally her prison
Fell to the ground

Under the debris
Dust and brick
They found her thin bones
Lifeless and decaying
Her insides had dried
No more a person
And they said a prayer
Buried her bones
Lit a candle and
Carved her name on marble

They imprisoned her again
Her walls now the
Cold, wet earth
But she was happy
For her soul
Was free to wander
Over empty fields
Rainbows and oceans