Friday, February 27, 2015


He is an impressionist
She is a surrealist
And I,
Well, I am the water
The paintbrushes are washed in.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


We were so careful
You were careful
I was careful
We were careful
About ourselves
About each other
About what we were
We were careful
We were so fucking careful
And then
Just for a second,
Forgot to be
And when we stopped looking over our
Stopped listening for
Strange noises
When we forgot to be
Everything we had been so
Careful about
Broke down
Like a Jenga tower
Tumbled down
Crashing into each other
Rubble to sort through
And our carelessness
Fucked things up
Fucked everything up
And now
There's you
Being careful
There's me
Being careful
There's no us
Being careful


As pinwheel
Of red, orange, green
Spins and spins and spins
In direction
Dictated by wind
Her mind unraveled
All knots loosened
And thoughts rushed to
In a force
That brought shame
To the wind that
Blew that day.

Monday, February 23, 2015


Embrace that suffocates
for your arms are no longer
soft and warm
love flowing through your

Your embrace feels like
a method of torture
making me bleed
draining me of love

Your iron-winged

Eye contact

While looking through life's kaleidoscope
For a second, my eyes met yours.

The truth

You hesitate
For just a second
And that's how I know
You are lying

Rewing and delete

I know perfectly well that
there is no use in
wishing things of the past
worked out differently
But every now and then
when my heart hurts too much
I want to go back in time
and change everything
I would change the
day I was born
family I was born to
school I attended
I would change the
job I chose
welcome I gave you
trust I had in you

I would change everything
because this life I call mine
is nothing but a dumpster
And who likes being a pile of crap?

Moving on/Letting go

Maybe it's time to move on
They all tell me
It has taken me way too long
According to the experts

But tell me
How do you move on
When you love

But tell me
Would you ask someone
Mourning the loss of a parent
To move on?

Would you ask someone
Mourning the loss of a sibling
To move on?

They why tell me to?

Is romantic love that easy to replace?


For her
Life wasn't a
Roller-coaster ride
With ups and downs
But the smooth ascent
Of an aeroplane
And this is what
Scred her the most

For turbulence and
The possibility of
An emergency landing
A rocky descent
Was not too far away.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Birth certificate

The purpose of
Religion is
Is something
One is
Born into


And each time
God said,
"Let there be
Pain and suffering
More and more
She lost faith
Bit by bit

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Her flawlessness
Made her imperfect
In this world where
People strive to be


You screwed me
Not in the way I would have
You, deep in me
Snatching away
What society
Romanticizes and
Oh but you screwed
You drove nails
Into my heart
Laughed as they
Punctured cells
Smiled as the blood
Gushed out of me

You screwed me
Real good!

Monday, February 16, 2015

CupCafe poems

(February 14: Spent a few hours sipping lime juice and nibbling on a sandwich. Wrote a few poems.)

Do you think
That the days
My heart is happy
Are those
Spent away from you
Without your
Continuous yip yapping
And requests
-no, demands-
To pay attention to a
I have no
Interest in?

And if loving was a crime
I'll plead guilty
And happily
Accept my prison sentence

And if loving you was a crime
Punishable by death
I would gladly
Put a noose around my neck

And if being loved by you was a crime
I wouldn't mind
Being guilty by association
Or convicted of conspiracy

There is female laughter
too-strong men's perfume
acquaintance made
and beneath all the
secret smiles
stolen glances
accidental contact
There are hearts being
others being mended
Walls being built higher
others being pulled to the ground

Yes, I am angry
I'm tired
And I'm scared

There will come a day
When you can no longer
Scribble between the lines
Fill pages with words
There will come a day
When you can no longer
Write these things
You call poems
There will come a day
When stories don't flow out of you
Bleed black ink on paper
Empty your heart and mind
Of thoughts you despise
There will come a day
When words fail you
And when that day arrives
You will know fear and hurt
Like you've never known before

Press delete until
You've erased all
Memories until that
Very first hello
Once you get there
Press delete one last

Their volume increases
As the conversation
Becomes about what they can
Show off about

And I now realize how we sound
When we are together
Oblivious to listening-ears


I hate stereotypes but
When I heard that you,
Unruly hair
Cotton shirts
Tattoos and
Don't read or
I can't deny that
My heart
A little

Sunday, February 15, 2015


As an artiste
Your goal should be to
Release yourself
From the prison you
Live in
But instead
You get entangled
In dirty
Party politics
And then wonder why
No one likes you
For your art work


You insist on picking me up
Taking me with you

Although you
Without hesitation
Throw paper
On to the ground

Even though
It is me you treat
Like trash

Monday, February 9, 2015

A girl

She was young and pretty
Rosy cheeks, soft curls
Wore dresses
And believed in fairytales
She smiled all the time
Giggled and laughed
Saw houses as palaces
Fireflies as fairies
And as the years passed
She started growing up
The adults said it was a good thing
But she was unsure of change
She threw away her dresses
Wore jeans and tshirts
A frown replaced her smile
And she began writing poetry
There were no more palaces
Or any fairies
The world was raw and naked
And she was afraid of reality