Tuesday, June 30, 2015


She loved another woman
But they told her it was wrong
So she left her love behind
Even though it broke her heart

They questioned her solitude
Life can't be lived alone, they said
So she gave herself to a man they chose
And wedding bells chimed

She believed in no god
And they said she was a sinner
So she believed in fiction
To escape their prison

And in the end
She was somebody else
But they didn't mind the deception
They like their version of her better

Suffocating in the darkness
Was a girl who only wanted to be herself
But was robbed of choice
Because they were too afraid

Of course, they lived happily ever after
Oppressing out of  fear
Suppressing their own desires
Afraid of what they were

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I feel the sting of
Mosquito bite
And see the little guy
Feasting on my blood
One swift movement of my hand
And he's dead in an instant

                  Just so you know
                  This is the fate that awaits you
                  If you dare
                  Hurt me.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

For all the pigs that have flown away...

I feel the warmth of
Life and love
Seep through your skin
A perfect caramel brown
And join my
Blood cells, platelets and plasma
In a never-ending journey
Through my body
And soul
And it is you
I'm not dreaming
Or imagining it
To assure myself
I reach out to you
Feel the rise and fall
Of your chest
And I know it's you
And it's me
It's us, finally
In an imperfect world
In a world where
Elephants are pink
Love is real
Wishes come true
Pigs can fly.


Don't be silly
To believe
These words are true
That they are for you


Friends are not really
As loyal as I would have
Blindly believed
Eight years ago
Friends are there for you
When it suits them
And when it doesn't
They stab you (in the back) repeatedly
It was easy to believe friends
Observed the
Five precepts or
Ten commandments
That they didn't lie or steal
How silly I was to believe
For it's a selfish world
And even a best friend
Wouldn't hesitate to
Choose themselves over


I'd like you to be mine

You are the uncaged bird
Kite without string
Man without ties
Life without bonds
You are the book
Free to all
To be taken and read
Returned or kept

I want you to be mine
You can't be.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why are you so silent
They ask 
And I cannot tell them
It is because they wait for
One misplaced word
Or the
Right words in the wrong order.

Off with a bang!

She asked him to
Please stop
Playing with her feelings
That this wasn't a

But he refused
Life was after all
The most watched and played

So she handed him the revolver
And told him
To go first
And hope to dear god
Karma is kind
To him

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

When the waters are still...

I have no soft words for you
Sweet nothings, I have no patience for
I can't be romantic
I can't write cute poems
I'm not the kind of girl
Who can be shy when necessary
I won't remember
Special days
Anniversaries or
I won't constantly
Keep you updated about my life
I will live my own life
Making sure our separate lives merely intersect
And don't overlap completely
But let me tell you
That if I choose you
I will make you
Rethink your every decision
I will make you regret
More than you thought you ever would
I will be nice and seem honest
And just as it seems like
The waters have settled and the
Boat has stopped rocking
I will jump into the water
And swim as fast as I can


This quiz on Facebook
That my friends have taken
Offer the opportunity
To know who my
Soulmate is
I'm tempted,
I won't lie,
But there's something so
In knowing one's soulmate
Can be found without
Years of searching and waiting
But through a mere opening of a quiz
Answering of questions
And calculations
Not even done by you
There is so much more to
Than a few
Lazy clicks of a mouse
If I wanted to know
Who my soulmate is
I would rather
List out names on a paper
Choose number
And eliminate
In a childish method
Of soulmate-finding
Even adding the digits of
Time of sneeze
Seems more
Valid a test than
A silly
Facebook quiz

Please leave

There are days, weeks and even months
When I don't even think about you
Not even for a second
But then something
-A doppelganger, book
song or word-
Will remind me of you
And when that happens
I can't stop myself from
Imagining the happiness that would be mine
If I was to share with you
Even a single day

But like the balloon a child lets go of
After losing interest
I show you the door
And tell you to
Please leave my mind

Monday, June 22, 2015


You asked,
‘What is poetry?’
I replied,
And I couldn’t help smiling when you said,

Friday, June 19, 2015

Don't be chicken

"Don't be chicken"
Is now
More heavy in insult
Because chickens are only cared about
When bathed in oil
Spices and sauces

So should you call him a pig?
Because pigs are loved more as meat
Than alive
Bacon is heaven, they say
And bacon makes the pain go away

Don't be fishy, either
No quick slice of the neck for them
But slow painful death
No water for them

A cow, maybe
Too good to be eaten by some
So maybe we should start calling
Each other
Our darling cows

Oh but a dog or a bitch
You'll be lucky to be
Not an insult but
It means people love you
And will sign petition for you
For unlike
Chicken, pork or mutton
Dog meat is forbidden
Something about eating
Man's best friend
Is awfully off-putting
And worthy of protest

So don't a be fish
A pig or a sheep
Don't even be a
Holy cow
Might as well
Be a dog
Or a bitch.


When he first touched a girl
He felt the heat running in her
And thought it was love

So when he felt the body trap him
And realized how much he was sweating
He thought it was because of love

Later when he himself trapped a body
And felt his heat and her heat
He thought it was love

When they said their I dos
And he kissed her nervous, cold lips
He hated her for the absence of love

He held the tiny body for the first time
Smiled at its rosy smile
There was love in warmth

When she said she was leaving
And her body trembled and sweat gathered
He knew it was out of love

Finally, when he lay in his bed, sweating but cold
And his lungs let out a final breath
He finally knew how cold love was


You can't tell someone you love them
And then ask them to change
If you love someone
You shouldn't try to mold them to your liking
You can't change their views and beliefs
You need to accept them as they are

If you love someone
You can't love them on the
Condition that they change their life

You can't love that person
On the condition that they
Convert to your religion

You can't love someone
On the condition that they
Stop wearing those short clothes

You can't love someone
On the condition that they
Stop eating certain types of food

You can't love someone
On the condition that they
Stop talking to their friends

You can't tell someone you love them
And then read them the
Terms and conditions

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I read your poems
Over and over again
I visit your blog
Over and over again
But I leave no comments
I limit the traces I leave
Unlike Hansel and Gretal
Who left a trail of breadcrumbs

From what you've written
I create an image of you
Not so much about features and complexion
Personality, experiences
My assumptions may be wrong
So utterly wrong
For you've never said
You write the truth
And nothing but the truth
It feels that way
That you write
Not fiction
But your life's story
And I read
Post after post
Not knowing who you are

Sometimes I want to ask
People who have left comments
If they know you
But then I realize that
A reason I love your poems so much
Is because you remain unknown

 My obsession
Is not so much about the person
Behind the poems
But about the
Poems themselves
Which are so simple
So real
Without trying hard to be beautiful
That's how I think of you
Someone who is beautiful
Without having to try.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Too late now

I always wanted to stay at home
Be with Athamma
Spend more time with her
She was lonely
Had only us
And none of us seemed to
Find enough time to
Spend with her
I stayed at home
Once a week
Sometimes I didn’t
But I usually did
And we spent time together
But it wasn’t enough

Then it was too late
And she was gone
No matter how much time we have free now
It’s useless
She is gone

I wanted to study abroad
I’m glad I didn’t
I wanted to live away from home
Closer to work
I’m glad I didn’t
I have my own bed room
I wanted to spend more time in it
But I had to sleep in
Athamma’s room
There were days I wanted to be alone
I wanted to be more grown up
Be alone
I wanted to sleep in my own room
I’m glad I didn’t

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's just hot in here

I wipe my forehead again
Wipe away the sweat that has gathered again
You catch me in the act again
Ask if I'm okay... again
My look is meant to say, 'really!?!'
But it may look blank to you
Because even the glaringly obvious
Isn't obvious to you
So even though I have reason to be nervous
And the butterflies in my tummy feeling is no longer nice
And my feet feel like jelly
And the goddamn sweat
I look away as I tell you,
'It's just hot in here.'

Later, when test, discussion, interrogation is over
And the damn sweating has ceased
I think my lungs will stop being stubborn
But how wrong my assumptions are
And then I realize all the mistakes I made
Choosing A instead of B
That instead of this
Him instead of you
You envelope me in comfort, assurance
And suddenly I'm grabbing on to
All warmth I can find
For a blanket of ice is draped on my shoulders
And when I shiver
You ask again, if I'm okay
And again my look is meant to say, 'really!?!'
Because of course
We have both not found obvious
The glaringly obvious
So even though everything hurts
Even though everything is frozen
I look away as I tell you,
'it's just cold in here.'

Sweating glass

She stared at a sweating glass
Hoping to get answers to life's questions
From the water mixed fruit and
Transparency of container
And then she wondered if
The glass was as nervous as she was
And if, as the thoughts in her mind
Made her break out in to a cold sweat
The glass's contents were making it
Just too afraid

But then she smiled
Realizing her stupidity
The glass wasn't worried
It was just a glass
Playing its designated role as container
But her mind
Her thoughts were not awarded that comfort
For the glass maybe emptied soon
But her mind
No, not until she couldn't think anymore

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dead ants: mass suicide or mass murder?

I came home to find a bowl of jelly
-the jelly was orange but it should have been red-
Playing the role of mass graveyard
Instead of dessert
For in bowl of slowly setting jelly
There were a thousand bodies afloat
Reminding me of a battlefield after shots were fired
And I couldn't help being silly and thinking
Oh but what better way to die
Than drown in an ocean of sugary goodness
Die as jelly filled their tiny lungs?
But then it hit me
How sweet can this dessert be
If it is the poison that finally
Kills you?

Written for you

You tell me not to
Write about you
It's embarrassing
People will know
But darling,
You should know by now
If it's online
It definitely isn't about you
So don't flatter yourself
Don't make assumptions
Words about you
Words for you
Will only find a place in my mind
And heart


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I am

am the dust you walk on
  The fingerprint you leave
I am the scars you wear
  The wounds that won’t heal
I am the sigh on a tiring day
  The smile at a random moment
I am the page that tears away
  The book with the broken spine
I am everything you love
  Everything you hate
I am me
  And I am you

Monday, June 1, 2015


And it is the ordinary
That waves goodbye to us
As we leave this
Too good for the golden roses
Top most point of our country