Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two is company

They say three is a crowd
But there's just the two of us
So everything should be fine
But then
Deep in my mind
My heart
If you search long enough
You'll find him
A third among us
A flag to claim
The most important parts of me
His territory
And no matter what you do
Or say
Or are
I will always consider
Him and I company
And you a crowd

Hasn't it been long enough?

You linger
In my mind
Like the stale breath
Of a smoker
Who put down his last cigarette
A long time ago

Friday, July 7, 2017

Fine print

If you had ever loved me
Then it must have been like the fine print
Terms and conditions
We all agree to without even glancing at


Would we ever have been able
To remain friends?

You with your refusal to admit
You led me on
That it was you who
Took that first unnecessary step

And me
Stupidly unable to follow instructions
Stupidly breaking the one promise we made each other
Stupidly falling in love

Would we ever have been able
To remain friends
When your heart had not an ounce of love for me
And all mine had was love for you?

Sunday, July 2, 2017


In the beginning
Your touch was soft
I felt safe
And we left the world behind
Hand in hand
The wind followed us
Making my hair dance
Almost like the snakes
On Medusa's head

And just as I was
Starting to love
My life with you
Your skin lost its softness
And your touch bruised me
We were now walking against the wind
Which carried fine sand with it
Making my skin burn
My eyes water

And I knew the end was near
Because as if afraid of
Turning into stone
You could never
Look me in the eye