Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ordinary day

Today is just another
Ordinary day

But somewhere
A man is dying
Takes his final breath
His family around him

A child sits next to her puppy
Her hand on its head
It rests against her
She smiles
Hums her favourite song

A flower blooms
Bright and yellow
The flower of the sun
A butterfly flits around it
Flies away

Two friends part ways
After years of living as
One being
The one doing the leaving
Looks back one final time and waves

He looks at her
Her skin is rosier than...
Her eyes have a certain sparkle missing from...
He chooses between
The woman he loves and the one he lusts after

He looks at the boy across the room
Looks away as soon as their eyes meet
Blushes at being caught
Takes a chance, looks at that boy again
Their eyes lock, hearts fuse together

She hears the door open
And then close
Feels his body next to hers
Looks into his deep brown eyes
Knows it's over

And somewhere
You smile as she lights the candles
Stuck on the cake she made
As she sings happy birthday
Just you and her

And somewhere
I remember
As I do year after year
That today is anything but an
Ordinary day

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Today is World Poetry Day
And admittedly
What I write doesn't have
Any resemblance to poetry

And yet
On World Poetry Day
My heart is too empty
Mind too tired
Body too worn out
To do any writing

Saturday, March 17, 2018


You told me not to cry
As if losing the one person
That meant the world to me
Was not worth crying about.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


To the boy whose message I never replied to

I’m sorry
It all became a little too much
All at once

You see
At first
I was blinded
By the thought that maybe this was it
Maybe you were the one
It seemed like a real possibility
And I'm just a silly girl
So I clung on to that thought

Then reality hit me
I saw you for what you really were
The wolf hiding beneath the
Skin of a sheep

So I dropped you
Just like that
Even though wolves can be loved
Just as much as sheep are


What we think is heartbreak
Is only a crack
But it feels like our heart has been shattered
Like a glass dropped
That’s what we picture our hearts as
In pieces

But it’s just a little crack
Nothing significant
Except it hurts
Like a blade
Against skin

And once again
There is a crack in my heart
Caused by loss
More and more loss
The living keep dying
And I can’t cope anymore

And my heart feels so heavy
Even with all those cracks
Around the edges
Slowly reaching the center
My heart
Threatening to snap
In half

I can’t breathe

I need everything to stop
Everyone I’ve lost
To come back
Hold me tight
Fill in those cracks

To stop me from

Sunday, February 25, 2018


My mother taught me a lot of things
But she never taught me how to love myself

Friday, February 23, 2018

Sugar and salt

I realize now
That what I miss
Isn't you

It's how happy I was
During the short time
I knew you

Maybe it is you
But people, I've learned,
Are replaceable

Are a different story

After all
There are substitutes for sugar
When I make a cup of tea

But no ingredient in this world
Can match what salt does
To a curry

Thursday, February 22, 2018


I'm consumed by this fear
Rooted in the pain you caused
And the love I still feel for you.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

February 14


When I was surrounded by love
That belonged to other people
And was filled with none

I didn't miss you one bit

And it scared me
Just a little too much

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bad guy

And when it came down to it
I couldn't cut off that final string
Connecting you to me
I had the scissors in my hand
I wanted to get rid of you completely
But I just couldn't
And it wasn't because I wanted you
It wasn't because I cared about you

I'm just too tired of always being the bad guy
Paying for crimes I never committed
Doing the dirty work because no one else wants to

So pick up those scissors
Cut all ties between us
Do this one thing for me
I'm begging you