Saturday, June 9, 2018


All the pain
That courses through my body
Has now formed a clot
In my head

The pain in my knee
And ankle that makes me wince
When I walk
Has now formed roots in my head

The pain in my wrist
That comes and goes
Making me consider a career
In anything but writing
Has found its way deep into my head

The pain in my chest
When I over-exert myself
With exercise or walking
When my lungs tighten
Begging for air
The pain that stabs at my chest
Has crawled into my head

All the pain
That courses through my body
Has now formed a clot
In my head

It has come to a standstill
And every movement
Feels like a stab right through my skull
Loud noise
And bright light
Feel deafening

I was to cut open my skull
And remove that clot
Before it

Monday, June 4, 2018


You have become the person I write for
Even though you are no longer a person I love

Saturday, May 26, 2018


For the first time in a while
I'm happy

This is not the kind of
filled-to-the-brim happiness
that'll have me
running down the streets
with a dozen balloons
tied to a dozen ribbons

This is not the kind of
in-your-face happiness
that reminds me of
sunflowers and sunshine
so much yellow
the colour of happiness

This is not the kind of
all-consuming happiness
that spreads like a
juicy rumour or
common cold
it's not contagious
my happiness won't make you happy

This is a different kind of happiness

This is the kind of happiness
that only shows itself
in a smile that is no longer forced

This is the kind of happiness
that fills me not with butterflies
fluttering about, but a calm emptiness

This is the kind of happiness
that makes me want to hold on to it
for as long as it lasts

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The clock is ticking

Hurry now
We are running out of time
To say I love you
And later, fuck you too

We are running out of time
To fall hopelessly in love
And then slowly
Fall out of love 

Hurry now
Before it's too late
And we never get to finish
This thing we've started

Hurry now
We are running out of time
To go from strangers to lovers to enemies
To strangers once again

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday morning

It's a Sunday
The last of the month
The sun only rose
An hour ago
For now
Everyone else is asleep
The birds outside

I love these moments of quiet
When it's just me
And a cool morning
They can fill me with a strange energy
Make me hope
And dream
I have faith, during these moments,
That life will work out

But it gets so quiet sometimes
That my mind gets too loud
Then I can't hope or dream
I can't focus or think
I can't feel that quiet content that comes with such
Sunday mornings
All I can do is to
Let the sadness in
Let it embrace me
Be one with it

Saturday, April 21, 2018


He drew on me
On my skin
He drew roses
All over me
He said they made me
Look beautiful
He drew on me
On my skin
So many of them
He drew on me
On my skin
With a blade

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Ah this sadness
So familiar
Settling down
In my bones
Blood and flesh
When I least expect it to

Like a suit of armour
Instead of protecting
Merely weighs me down
Blocks out
Fresh air
This sadness
It's never gone for good

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Why do we talk about desperation
Like it's such a bad thing

Like it's sad to be desperate for some love
To yearn for someone whose hand you can hold
Someone to love
Be loved by
Why is it so pathetic
For someone to be so in need of
Some love?

Why is love okay as long as you aren't looking for it
But have already found it
With your public displays of affection
Timelines full of your posts
Images and text
Reminding me of
The love you have found
But the love I can't look for
Because it'll make me seem
So fucking desperate
And sad

Why do we shame people
For wanting this one little thing in life
Hoping for a future
As short as it may be
With someone
They are told they can't have
Who is way out of their league

Why do we laugh at people
Who just want to be with someone
To share a bottle of wine with
Get a little tipsy, count stars with
A warm body next to theirs
When they wake up in the morning

Why is it so bad
Pathetic, so sad
To be desperate for a love
They've never known
Or once had but lost?

Monday, March 26, 2018


I have avoided death
Of other people
All my life

When my grandmother woke me up one night
At 11.40pm
And told me she didn't feel well
As her body felt so light
And yet so heavy
Against my arm
Some part of me knew
She was dying
And so I left the room
And looked away
As they carried her body
On a stretcher
I hid from her
I hid from death

When my cat, Johnny Meowing, was sick
I refused to accept he was too old, too far gone
To be brought back to good health
And wanting him to live a longer life
I left him overnight at a hospital
And so when the call came
The next day
That he had died
A small part of me knew
As I answered that call
From an unsaved number
That it was bad news
And so I wasn't with him as he died
And I never saw his body

Two weeks ago
While I was away from Colombo
We got a call in the morning
One of the kittens had been found dead
And I broke into tears
But when we got home later that day
His tiny body
Had already been buried
So I never had to deal with death
That day

Last week
My luck ran out
And I couldn't avoid death any longer
Another kitten was dead
And I had to lift his tiny lifeless body
Which felt so heavy
And place him in a box
All the while
With tears streaming down my face
As I felt death coat my skin
Crawl into me
And go to sleep in a corner
Waiting for the day it would awake
And get me


There is a hunger
Growing in me
That I'm ashamed of

A hunger that I ignore
By feeding my body
Food -mostly the unhealthy kind
Work- more than I can handle
Problems- that aren't mine

I try to keep myself busy
But that hunger grows in me

And I'm ashamed
Nearing the quarter-century mark
And starving for something so...
Basic? Silly?
What's wrong with me?

But there is a hunger
Growing in me

For love