Friday, August 30, 2013

Haunting Secrets

We all have our stories
With gaping holes
We fill them up
With what we want
Reality to be
Other stories
They can't be shared
Too private
To talk about
And those
We give them words too
But never reveal
The whole truth
For we are afraid that
When given words
Our dreamlike secrets
Will become reality
The magic will die
And we will be left with
Ordinary memories
No different from the others
So we write
Poems, stories
Never giving out names
Hoping the unnamed
Will read them
But most of
We just want to
Let go of the secrets
That keep haunting us


Can't do without
Your home page
Full of posts
Share to cure cancer
Like if you love your mum
The gossip
And status updates
Then there is
That dreadful list
Of all those online
People you avoid
People you hate
And people you don't mind
Next to them all
The little green ball
A sign that they are
Available to talk
But the people you want to
Share a few words with
Even a smiley or two
Ah! The light ain't green
They are never online
When you are
So you choose to
Appear offline
And take on the role
Of a stalker or silent watcher
But then right when you
Open a new tab
With a movie to watch
Or a game to play
The sound alarms you
Someone says hey
You think,
Should I let them know
I saw their message
Or just ignore it?
It's the never ending game
We all play
Beats Candy Crush
And Criminal Case

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

About the you I sometimes write about

Sometimes it feels like
I write for someone,
A specific person
The 'you' in the poems
But there isn't a you,
There isn't anyone
Just my imagination
And letters, words I love
Fragments of my life
You will find
Promises made,
Promises broken
They go down as words
On a blog that is my sanctuary
The words are selfish
But so are people
Don't assume
My heart is broken
When I write about love
Long lost
Don't assume
My strings are uncut
When I write about life,
Happiness and joy
The poems,
Take it as they are
Don't give the people faces
Or the memories dates
They are real and they are not
And only I know
You too, maybe
But I doubt you remember

Walk of life

Don't be afraid
If the world is too dark
And you can't see
The road ahead
Don't slow down
Or turn back
Life is too short
To start over again
The fireflies
They'll light the way
And the candles
Too, flames of gold
You will go on
Legs aching,
Feet cracked and bleeding

Monday, August 26, 2013

sea shells

we stepped on the sea shells
eyes watching the sun
our ears hearing no voices
only the song of the waves

the sand covered our wet feet
the wind brushed against our faces
we walked towards the future
our forever waiting to be lived

the shells made us wince slightly in pain
the salt of the ocean cut through out skin
our ears filled with the thick wind
our voices silenced by the great seas

our foot steps washed away
no more are they our's
just you and I now
forever left abandoned, unlived


Nangi, you aren't looking.
There, right there
It's a constellation
Point your finger toward the sky
Your arm stretched
Like my arm.
Now slowly and carefully
Follow my finger,
Trace the stars with me
And unveil what it hides
The bear maybe,
Isn't that your favorite
Or is it the scorpion?
Trace the stars
And I will tell you a story.
A deep dark secret

You see, Nangi,
Once there was a constellation
There was a mother star,
A father star,
Three child stars
One day the mother star left
For the desert lands
She had to light up the sandy acres
You mayn't understand
But the mother star had to
Work hard to keep
Her family happy
So the constellation was missing a star
But they went on
Then the father star left too
He was needed elsewhere
Understand this, my dear,
You are too young, I know
But he didn't go to kill
Even though that's what
The other kids say
No, the father star went to
Fight for his country
But he's yet to come home
Like one of the child stars
He stepped on something bad
And he blew out
The way all stars do at the end.
But he blew out at too young an age.

The two star constellation
Was lost, alone and scared
They stopped being a constellation
Of their own
And instead joined this constellation
And that constellation
Until, there was no where else to go
But no matter what happened
No matter how hard times got
The brother star
Never stopped loving
The sister star
And the sister star never
Left her brother's side
And even when the dark was
So incredibly dark,
They kept shining,
They didn't let the world
Pull them apart
Nangi, the story doesn't end there
Our stories are too long
And too unique
To say it all at once.
But remember,
Don't let the night sky scare you
And don't let the bright sky
Blind you
Nangi, don't leave the constellation
It may be difficult to stay,
But it's even worse to leave.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


the night was made of
silent whispers
that slightly echoed
through the darkness
a candle was lit
stuck on to a
long empty jar of jam
they held their hands
before the flame
and smiled at the shadows
they made
the night was full of
as shadowed hands
danced to
silent songs
of their minds

You said

You said,
Promise me
You won't cry,
I didn't promise,
But I did cry
I sobbed and you listened

You said,
We'll always be friends
We didn't promise each other
A forever
And look at us now,
Going our own ways

You said,
I like you,
And I said, I like you
Past tense now
Truth is, there was never any like,
Empty words they were

You said,
Hold on tight
And I did
Feeling safe so close to you
And then you were no more
It was time for you to go

You said,
Let it go,
You are hurting your self
And I let go
Of the past that kept haunting me
Then you too became
A thing of the past

You said,
Why not?
And I said,
Just because,
You can't leave and then
Leave notes

You said,
Good bye
I nodded.
Can't remember if I smiled
I didn't see your smile
And that good bye wasn't good

Love, another poem

They throw the word around
Rob it of all meanings
Except that of romance
'I love you'
So hard to say now
For they panic
'Sorry I don't feel that way'
I feel like telling them,
No, you idiot
I love you
I don't want to
Go out with you
Or be more than friends
I just love you
But they wouldn't listen
They don't know that love
It has other forms
They are too stupid
Too tied up in the
Fairy tales
To believe that
People can love
With no romance involved

Monday, August 19, 2013

පොතක් ඇත

wrote a poem in the language I love the most, after ages!

පොතක් ඇත
එහි නම සාමය වේ
එය දැන් ඇත්තේ
අමතක වී ඇති
පොත් ගුල්ලෝ
එහි පිටු කා ඇත
අනෙක් පිටු
ගැලවී ඇත
දුවිලි වලින්
වැසී ඇත
කව දා හෝ
එම පොත
කියවති කවුරු හෝ
පිටු නැවත සවි කර
දුවිලි පිහිදා
එම පොතෙහි
පිටු පෙරලයි
නැවත දිනයක

Saturday, August 10, 2013


The yellow squares
hints that you
were here
not that long ago
messages scrawled
and stuck around
the computer I use

The yellow squares
to remind me of
this that and the other
'do this' or
'call so-and-so'
for my memory
often fails me

The yellow squares
to keep me strong
'smile, Shailee' or
'you can do this'
words of wisdom
or of interest
I have come across
over the years

The yellow squares
they are everywhere
some stick on
the others fall off
I throw away the ones
with curled in corners
and the ones that remind me
of things I don't want to be reminded of

The yellow squares
they are overwhelming
they suffocate me
and yet, without them
I'll never remember

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How far would you go

How far will you go
To save someone?

Would it be a thousand miles
or a thousand days?

Would it be until a thousand
tears are shed?

Would you let one winter
be followed by another?

Or would you only let
one sunset pass?

How far will you go
To save someone?

Would it be just today
or would you give it another day?

How far will you go,
if that someone is you?