Friday, August 28, 2015

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

I look at you and see a billion colors running into each other
I look at you and see beauty in its fiercest form
I look at you and see a being that can be loved and loved
I look at you and see a person who can shatter the world like it was a flimsy glass

But you look at the reflection in a mirror and you see darkness of the darkest kind
You see a heart empty of emotion, beating loveless blood, beating because it has nothing better to do
You see a mind that no longer looks for the hidden mysteries of this complex world
You see eyes that don't widen in amazement and lips that don't smile anymore

But did you know that the mirror lies?
It's biased and paid by the rich and mighty to soothe their souls and insecurities
Hidden in its grey depths is envy and hatred
Through dishonesty, it robs the world of beauty and color

But the mirror wins, unfortunately
It has the support of all things bad and grimy in this universe
And so it lies and tears apart lives like they are the thinnest of paper
And watch as the flames turn those lives to ashes

But you, dear one, look away from the mirror
Don't let its hypnotizing gaze mesmerize you
Break away, ignore the calling voices
See yourself as your truly are

For it isn't deep mirror that holds true reflection
But in rainbow capturing puddles of raindrops
Or endless ocean in someone's  eyes
That you will see your real self in its brilliant colors.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

There were dark clouds gathering
In her twisted mind
And she blew at them
But they didn't get blown away
The wind howled, filling her ears
They grabbed at her, tore off her hair
She whispered prayer and chanted mantra
But the storm didn't cease, only got louder
Then she cried a piercing cry
And for a moment, the world was on pause
She thought she had overcome the darkness
But then it hit her more forcefully than before
So she bowed down before the storm
Powdered glass drawing patterns on her soft skin
She let her blood mix with the rain
Felt her soul empty bit by bit

And so when they came to rescue her
All they found was an empty body
They forced in clean air, filled her lungs
But how can a body function
When it has no heart?
So they wept
For the nameless girl
And buried her memories
In the frozen ground

Then they forgot
As they always do
And only remembered when
Another grave was to be filled

Monday, August 17, 2015


We wander
From place to place
Call them home
But what is home?
Brick walls and
Wooden doors?
Is it the jar of memories
We carry with us
To the ends of the world
Until our last breath leaves us?
What is home?
The black-eyed boy
Who promised you
To love you forever and ever
But whose voice
You haven’t heard in
What is home?
The landing strip that burns your feet
But cradles you in
Making sure no skin is bruised
No bones broken?
What is home?
A dog-eared book
Covered in tiny letters
Holding great treasures
Your words
Your thoughts?
What is home?
The silence of sleep
Before others are awake
Hot tea a warm blanket
Burning your throat
And silence so deep
The voices in your head
Join in
And there is peace?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Traveling the worlds

From heaven
To the ordinary
Pastel shades
Thinking of heaven
Bright explosions
Heightened emotions
Sparkling stars
She missed her stop
No emergency alarm
She spiraled downward
To hot, red hells
Fiery gasses
Burning ashes
Fell on her pale skin
Polka dotted now
With cigarette burns.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


I wish you wouldn't talk to me because when you do
I'm given a peek into this life I will never belong to and
I can't stop myself from falling in love with that make-believe world where
I am whole, I know happiness, I am a complete being and not a faulty factory-reject

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

For you on a rainy day

“Today is the first of August. It is hot, steamy and wet. It is raining. I am tempted to write a poem. But I remember what it said on one rejection slip: After a heavy rainfall, poems titled RAIN pour in from across the nation.”
- Sylvia Plath

Do you see the fairies
Crashing on to
And puddle
Dancing and singing
In merry
Mass suicide?

But those fairies
Will get their fair share
Of words today

So today
The fifth of August
Will be for you
And solely
For you

Missing you
Is like missing a memory
That wasn't mine

Missing you
Is like missing a book
I've never read

Missing you
Is like finding a voice familiar
Even though I've never heard it before

Loving you,
It's no surprise then,
Is like loving the great unknown

Our fingers touched yesterday and much to my disappointment
It didn't send waves of emotion through me like I thought it would
Maybe because there were other people in the room or
Because it wasn't a romantic gesture
It was also something I had done so many times, handing a glass of juice or water
To you and you taking it, except usually I hold a tray and you take the glass on it
Yesterday, there was no tray and you had no choice but make contact with me
I was disappointed, I expected more out of that unplanned moment

But then, later, after I had actually said a word or two to you
Acknowledged your existence for the first time in two years or more
And as you were leaving, still laughing
You turned back and smiled and I smiled
And we made eye contact, which I now know is stronger than
The accidental meeting of hands
And then, I felt that wave
And it left me with a longing for the past
And happiness, and happiness and happiness

I wish
It was
  It was a windy day
    A hot day
  The clouds sending
    The sun sending
  Soft, cool kisses
    Sticky kisses
  Our way
    That stuck on to skin
  And you give me your own
    And you gave me your own
  Warmer, more real
    But wetter and messier
  And I melt
    And I distance myself
  Like the books say
    Pretend it's all happening to
  One would
    Someone else 

You said
'Don't write about me'
So I won't

On a day like this
Three years ago
We would have been
Talking about your exams

On a day like this
Two years ago
We let silence
Keep us away from each other

One a day like this
One year ago
I had finally stopped
Missing you

Four years of
Unrequited love
Then I tell you

Then I meet him

Know that
I'm waiting for you
With patience

(Out of reality, fiction was written. Incidents may seem familiar, too recent to forget and too true. However, know that I've taken that reality and added just too much imagination for any of my words to be anything but fiction.)