Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why did we

Why did we dream,
knowing our dreams
would never come true?
Why did we hope
knowing the odds were
against us?
Why did we pray
knowing the gods weren't
Why did we love
knowing our love wouldn't
stand the test of time?

We dreamed because
our hearts were young and
the world was ours
we hoped because
hand in hand, it seemed like
all we could do
we prayed because
we thought our prayers
would be heard by someone
we loved because
that is what we thought
the world wanted us to do

Sunday, October 20, 2013

All Worth Fighting For

hiding behind
lost in the
unheard of
And yet,
he notices you
he sees the
hope in your eyes
a faint glimmer
but it is there
for you still
and dream
of love
of happiness
even when the scars itch
reminding you
of the world's darkness
the world's evil
You still believe
and he notices
He holds out his hand
for you to take
at first hesitant,
you might be
but take his hand
let him pull you up
brush away the dried leaves
and twigs
tangled in your hair
let him wipe away the tears
and let him make you smile
you will then see
in his eyes
the same sadness
seen in yours
and you will also see that
faint glimmer of hope
in his eyes,
the way he saw it
in yours

This isn't a love story
this isn't about
finding your soul mate
there will be no heartbreak
or love letters burnt
This is the story
of two wounded soldiers
fighting against the world
their weapons are love
kindness and faith
but such is life
and they will walk on,
but they wont give up
for when they see the world's
hate and anger,
they lose hope
but then,
they look into each others eyes
and they see
that glimmer of everything
worth fighting for

Friday, October 11, 2013

Our Journey

Over the mountains
we will go
cross valleys
and valleys green
we will sail beyond
oceans blue
and seas stormy
seas sleeping
we will walk from
desert to desert
we will swim across lakes
and rivers
fly over the lands
and through the clouds
we will see the world
and we will learn it all

And why us
you ask
why not someone else?
why does the world
want us to know
the secrets it hid
for centuries
and more
why make us
walk on bloodied feet
why make us have
sleepless nights
of hunger
why do we need to
let the dust
coat our skin
and swat at the flies
that land on our
matted, unwashed hair?

Yes, why indeed
not let another
go on the adventure
meant for us
Why not say no
to the world's
to explore and discover
maybe even,
why not take up
the greatest journey
to unravel the mysteries
of this world
why not listen to the songs
of the winds
and the stories
of the thunder?
why not play along to the games
of the oceans
and why not let the
sun write our story?

Why say no to the secrets
why not discover
love and hope?
Why not make our
dreams come true
why not have more hope
and faith?

Instead we sit through
our everyday lives
the same old things
boring and
We don't leave the comfort of our homes
even when our homes are
we cling on to what little we have
and don't listen to the
calling of the earth
then when we are too weak
and old
we hear that calling once again
and we want to set out on that journey
but too late it is
much too late

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The storage cupboard

I stand there
Breathing hard
My chest
Slightly aching
And I can't take
Another step
I just wan t to
Keep staring
At the storage
Wood painted
Glass front
With a
Lock that struggles
And then I notice
We are the
Same height now
The days I had
To stand on tiptoe
To reach the top shelf
Long gone
Without being noticed
By me

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Will you come with me?

 Will you come with me
To a cemetery
When the sun is setting
And the skies are dark?
Will you keep me company
While I walk among
Of tombstones
Of the dead?
Will you hold my hand
When the leaves rustle
And the homeless ghosts
Come out to play?
Will you come with me
To a cemetery
To watch the sun set
Behind the graves?



Monday, October 7, 2013

Moment of Surender

There are two things
I remember perfectly well
of that trip back home

It was the usual flight
to Colombo,
except the weather was
There is another exception
and that is what I remember
the most
We didn't get our usual seats
not in Business Class
or Economy
No, our seats were right behind
the men who held the pen
that writes
our stories
the men who could decide to write
The End whenever they felt like it
Or so I like to think
even though I know of
Auto Pilot and all those
beeping lights
and broken voices
Forget all that though,
what mattered the most was the view
the night sky
and thunder
booming around us
a silent threat
but a threat nevertheless
And let me tell you this
people who believe in heaven
that is what heaven should look like
the night sky
on a stormy day
seen from the cockpit
of a plane
And they,
the pilots,
laughed and chatted with us
Munching on pretzels and
catching up on life

While I sat there,
my brother next to me
I felt something more than just joy
I surendered
to life
I knew that if
something went wrong
I wouldn't survive the crash
But it didn't matter
because life was too
at that moment
to care about the end
It was too perfect to
wonder if it wouldn't last long
And so I surendered
And I survived

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Needles and ink

I am afraid of needles
Blood tests?
I'd rather die
Oh the tattoo?
I can explain
The pain was worth it
How long?
One hour
Thirty minutes
Five times,
Over and over again
The needle scraped through my skin
It hurt
I wished for death
But soon
I was numb to the pain
We all get that way, I guess
About various things in life
We get used to the pain
And then it's all over
The buzzing of the world
And you look at
The most beautiful
Work of art
You have ever seen
And at that moment of pure happiness
The pain
Was worth it
The pain was
Acceptable even

I still shudder
At the thought of
Blood tests
But if they too
Left beautiful reminders
Maybe, I wouldn't
Dread them
As much


She is dying,
they say
aren't we all
I ask
they shoot me looks
asking me to
only talk when
absolutely necessary
She's dying
they say again
as if none of us
knew before
as if this is all
sudden and
even though
it's not
we await this news
since the day we are born
if it's not him
it will be her
or maybe someone else
either way
we are all going
and we can accept this
during those moments
dying and death
but when the clock strikes
a particular hour
when there is simply
no more life
the fear
the denial
we don't want to go
for death,
unknown to us,
it robs us of everything
most of all,
of what we love the most,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The forgotten place

I went back to that place
You told me about
The place where a version of you
Still lives
I don't know if
I'm it's only visitor now
In an ocean if them
Blogs soon go forgotten
But there
I read that penultimate post
And I realized something about you
That even though you walk
Your head held high
A cigarette dangling at your lips
You are still that
Scared and scarred
Boy you were
Three years ago
And nothing has changed
But no one knows
And I can't tell you either
You are the boy
Who enjoys sitting in the scorching sun
Just to be away from the voices
You are the loner
Who tries to make others fit in
Only because you too, don't
But no body knows

And now I see a different side of you
Happy, goofy and funny
Is this the real you,
I wonder at times,
And I'm happy of this change
But then I remember
The scared and scarred boy
And I'll visit your secret place
Every now and then
Because it feels like
If I'd known you back then
We wouldn't be the strangers
We are today