Sunday, June 4, 2017


I will always listen.
My doors, my heart, are always open.
You know where to find me
When and if you need to talk.

They offer help now
Now that it's too late
Now that they know
They won't have to listen

Because they don't
They don't understand

How can such a beautiful person
Do such a horrible thing to herself?
No problem is so unsolvable
For you to cause such grief to your family.
She was so young
Too young to die.

For a minute
I beg you

Without assuming
Without judgment
Without comparing

Just listen for five fucking minutes
And then you'll see
That no one is ever too beautiful to die.
No one is ever too young to die.
Family isn't -shouldn't be- the only reason to live.
A smile doesn't always stem from happiness.
And even if it does,
Happiness is temporary.

Before it's too late.